About the Examination

Where and when will the exam take place?

A trained Health Professional will call you and to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. To meet your needs, the exam may be performed at your home, office or our exam centre.

If I live in a rural area, how can I help to have my medical requirements done as quickly as possible?

In some rural areas, a Dynacare Health Professional may not be immediately available. In situations such as this, it may be necessary for you to be seen at a local clinic or by an examiner from another town who would contact you to arrange a mutual agreeable appointment. We would ask for your cooperation in making such arrangements.

What is included in the exam and how long will it take?

A routine examination includes your medical history, height, weight, urinalysis, blood pressure and pulse. The exam is usually completed in twenty minutes. You may find that some questions may have already been asked of you by your agent.

What kind of medical history will be asked?

The health professional will ask the names and addresses of your physicians and/or hospitals.
He/She will also ask about any illness, surgery, medication or other treatments you may have had.
You may wish to make a few notes in advance to save time during the examination.

Are there any other requirements?

If additional testing is required such as an ECG or blood test, you will be notified in advance.

What is an ECG?

An ECG records electric impulses of the heart. If an electrocardiogram is required by the insurance company, it will be performed at the time of the examination. An ECG is usually completed in less than 10 minutes.

What happens to this information?

All the information obtained during the examination is kept confidential. The information is strictly for insurance purposes only and is sent to your insurance company upon completion. We take the matter of privacy and confidentiality most seriously.

About our Examiner

Our field examiners are trained, qualified health professionals appropriately licensed in their respective Provincial Jurisdictions. The individual who will complete the required tests has undergone a complete training and accreditation program. She or he is provided with a photo-identification card indicating her/his affiliation with Dynacare. Our health professionals are required to carry this with them while representing Dynacare.