Charitable gifting is about to change. As you may know, currently you can donate cash and receive preferential tax treatment.  For every dollar you donate over $200 you would get a tax deduction of $0.437.  In 2006, the benefits of donating stocks in-kind became substantial because if you donate the stock in-kind to a charity the capital gains of that stock become non-taxable to you but you still receive the full charitable tax deduction.

Projected to come into effect in 2017, the donation of Real Estate profits and profits from the sale of private companies will receive the same tax benefit that are currently available to public shares. This  change could be a game changer for tax planning, strategic gifting and estate planning.

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The way we look at it, if you’re going to own something you might as well get paid for owning it. The more things in life that can produce cash flow, the closer you will be to subsidizing your income as we prepare for retirement. Take real estate for example – you own a piece of land, you have the option to rent it out, and not only does your property have the potential to appreciate; you get paid while you own it through rental income. Any viable investment should produce some sort of income. That income values you, the investor, for putting your hard earned money into it. In fact, many of you are getting paid on your investments right now, without even realizing it. The way you get paid to invest is through earning dividends. Read more